Management (including Resource Planning & Investment) – In these times of stressful living, traditional investments like stocks, bonds, and real estate have become endangered species. Lifestyles to which we have long become accustomed – and perhaps even retirement assets and incomes and how we provide for daily living for us and for those who may depend upon us – are also at risk.  The forces of inflation, deflation, over-indebted households, industries, and national economies, when combined with sustainably-challenged banking and financial systems, infrastructure, governments, and supply chains in a very dangerous and unstable world, threaten not only our own livelihood but also assets we look to in order to preserve value, provide returns, and even to sustain our lives.
Successful sustainable investing and asset management now “In Harm’s Way” require: 

1. Understanding what Abundant Sustainable Living is and how it applies in your local situation;

2. How Abundant Sustainable Living benefits you, your family, and your neighbors;

3. Why Abundant Sustainable Living is absolutely necessary and how Investing Sustainably can preserve and grow assets that become an abundant reality in your life.

Follow the prompts here in Wealth Management  and throughout this Prepared ALHWaysTM site for help in formulating and implementing sustainable living investment strategies in these “harm’s way” times as we face a “Perfect Storm of Threats” to our livelihood and finances. Time-tested ALHWays strategies can preserve value, produce positive returns, and support abundant living in good times and bad.