Sustainable Living Investments are Superior!

“America’s Financial Doomsday” …Sustainable Living Investments are Superior

The U.S. financial system in important respects may be a larger problem than Europe’s, but here we are currently distracted by focusing upon their issues. Yet, Sam explains how we can actually build and preserve wealth even in the worst of times. Abundant Sustainable Living Advocate Sam Townsend and Host Kerry discuss the popular “America’s Financial Doomsday” video from Martin Weiss and its ramifications with respect to Abundant Sustainable Living.

Sam discusses financial planning in our “harm’s way” environment as it differs from failing conventional experience and practice in the “status quo”.  They also discuss, in this informative half-hour episode, why Sustainable Living investing is best and how PreparedALHWaysTM strategies point to available resources to make Abundant Sustainable Living a reality in peoples’ lives where they live and work.

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