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Wealth and its Management is the second branch of the ALHWays Tree of Life.. Prepared ALHWaysTM is all about productive local economies, preserving and growing tangible assets that actually support abundant living in sustainable communities for the benefit of those who have capital and for those who don’t. Our goal is to help you to keep your financial house in order by focusing upon financial, economic, and investment planning and management – no matter what the future holds.

The global economy and our precarious, out-of-control modern society are still sliding down a long slippery slope. Chaos beckons . . . and with it destruction of our accustomed way of life and freedoms. Don’t wait for events to overwhelm your life and the lives of those for whom you care.

We don’t know how long the window of opportunity will remain open for us, but prepare we must. And we must move ahead confidently, quickly, and in an informed way.

Abundant Sustainable Living in harm’s way is a more stable, peaceful, productive, economic, healthful, simpler, and joyful existence. Let’s get on with it.

Abundant Living in Harm’s Way, in its most comprehensive sense, requires a healthy and biblically correct integration of “for profit” economic enterprise and Christian ministry. Well conceived and executed efforts can meet spiritual and physical needs as we make disciples in the context of New Testament “therapeutic community”.

Abundant Sustainable Living works best when all those in the economy function in mutually supportive and accountable biblical community and in biblical free enterprise – whether they are households, neighborhoods, communities, trades people, and are skilled and unskilled. Sustainable living requires creating local economy and division of labor within the hemorrhaging modern economy that we have known,

Abundant Sustainable Living need not be rocket science. After all, it mainly involves living as God designed in creation for us to function. Indeed, people have lived sustainably for thousands of years.  If we allow God to guide us into living sustainably, good things are possible. And better living is simpler living.


America still possesses essentially all of the resources that we need to live in healthy and prosperous ways. The U.S. has the land necessary, for example, to feed the entire world. We have to be much wiser in our administration of planet resources however.

We have in our people all of the abilities necessary to live self sufficiently and very well as the most affluent and powerful nation on earth so long as our Creator continues to favor us and we function as wise stewards of His creation.

Living sustainably with renewable resources requires a shift in thinking by everyone involved, a big dose of reality – and a commitment to action!

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