Investing in Harm’s Way

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While prospects are poor for investments in both intangible asset investments (such as stocks, bonds, and annuities) and for conventional commercial and residential real estate investments, a different sort of real estate investment and asset/wealth development and protection opportunity holds great promise. Sustainable Living investments offer both asset preservation and profit potential, generates positive returns, and can be healthful and even life-saving. Ironically, this strategy thrives upon often underutilized assets and can employ the homeless and underemployed of whom there are more every day.

Given the many serious threats to our lives and property in society today that menace healthful, productive, and sustainable living, most investors today are concerned about:

 (1)            How to both preserve and increase the value of their assets in an historic economic decline, volatile markets, and over-stressed financial system,

(2)            How to provide for families, friends, and neighbors as underemployment of labor, property, equipment, and capital become more widespread and “personal”.

(3)            How they, their families, and others for whom they are particularly concerned can comfortably survive if their lives and means of livelihood are interrupted by collapsing infrastructure, financial system, or other public or private services upon which they have come to depend.

Investing in Harm’s Way begins with studying investing in comprehensive sustainable living solutions and projects and comparing them with conventional investment management approaches given marketplace realities.

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