450x265 HelpALHWaysTM  provides multi-media to further your search for better living in healthy, economic, and sustainable ways.  We also offer you opportunities to access our updates on key current developments and events . . . and to communicate directly with us and our colleagues, associates, and friends – people who have expertise, experience, and resources that can help. . . .

Harm’s Way Financial Planning and Asset Management explains the need for you to manage tangible assets productively and sustainably in a dynamic and more dangerous environment. It relates that active asset allocation, planning, and management to conventional asset management practices that the new realities render unstable and even unsustainable. It explains what your investment priorities should be in this historic volatile period during a declining global economy as we are in transition from passive investing in intangibles to  active management of tangible assets.

In Time to Head for the Ark, Sam Townsend explains what sustainable living investments are, why they are absolutely necessary, and how to gain and manage them. .

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